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This report provides information and recommendations on FOSS for researchers, providers and developers in OS. The work on it was carried out to support the preparation of the “Hands-on workshop: Touching on Data and Open Source Software for Open Science” . It also unludes conclusions from the survey conducted before the workshop.  It covers the following topics:

  • Software in science
  • FOSS and open science
  • Use of software in OS practices
  • Software used by researchers
  • Attitude of researchers
  • Finding research software and tools for the social sciences
  • Recommendations for FOSS adoption development and visibility in science
  • Commonly used FOSS licences, their benefits, types and differences
  • Copyrights, patents, warranties and other restrictions and rights
  • Source-available and ‘fauxpen’ licences, contributor agreements and relicensing
  • FOSS licence licence selection, compliance and compatibility
  • Licence impact on the community, software quality, longevity and sustainability
  • Licence management process
  • Software composition analysis and licence selection tools