NI4OS-Europe OS map shows the existing Open Science stakeholders in South East Europe, which have been identified and clustered on the basis of their role in important Open Science functions, i.e. funding, creating, supporting, consuming and facilitating OS.

The map is the result of NI4OS-Europe landscaping activity that was conducted to offer insights on the local capacities and needs, to provide input for the whole range of NI4OS-Europe activities and to contribute, together with the other INFRAEOSC-5b projects, to the final mapping in the overall EOSC Landscape Activity.

The map supports filtering per country and stakeholder group. The zoom functionality enables users to find the precise locations of stakeholders. Each stakeholder is marked with a pin and a tooltip showing the organization’s name and a link to its website.

The collected dataset, which includes information about 1010 stakeholders (968 unique entities), is deposited in Zenodo under a free license: