A multi-site hackathon event organized by NI4OS-Europe.


Report: Hands-on workshop on FOSS and tools

Report: Software and free and open source software in open science

Pre-workshop survey results

General information

On-site locations: University of Zagreb University Computing Centre (SRCE) and University of Belgrade (UoB)

Online location: Zoom

Time: 30 November – 1 December 2022

About the event

This multi-site hybrid event is called “Hands-on workshop: Touching on Data and Open-Source Software for Open Science“. The on-site part of the event will be hosted by RBI/SRCE and UoB. The participants and mentors from countries other than Croatia and Serbia will join remotely.

Besides bringing direct benefits to the participants, this event will help cast new light on existing concerns and problems related to the advancement of open science and the use of free and open software (FOSS) in science, by capturing perspectives from within the NI4OS-Europe communities and generating ideas related to research software, tools and practical approaches. It is a step that should help the participants and stakeholders in solving the subject issues; it will also serve as an instrument to promote the covered topics and improve knowledge about them.

The goal is to familiarise the participants with the covered concepts, available NI4OS-Europe services and the advantages of FOSS. Participants may be newcomers to the topics; the goal is to ideate and increase the awareness of working across various needs, concerns and perspectives. It will hopefully provide all participants with an opportunity to learn something new about OS data and research governance, by developing ideas and initial prototypes on the offered themes.


Quality and improvements of data about services and resources

How to develop and improve FOSS research software or service and increase its outreach

How to stimulate the use of open-source software in science

FOSS licence selection: assessment, improvements and recommendations

Improving research and researcher data


Preliminary agenda

Day 1: 30 November 2022, 10:00-15:30Seminar on OS and FOSS (hybrid)
– Introduction to the workshop, FAIR, EOSC and NI4OS-Europe
– Software development in open science
– Work on open-source projects
– Open-source software licences and their use in open science
– Data on open science; how to link and cross-check them
– Onboarding of open science services, related requirements and tools

Initial hands-on group activities (in groups at tables or in virtual rooms)
– Expectations from participants and project collaborations (plenary, hybrid)
– Introduction of mentors and establishment of groups
– Description of projects
– Brainstorming and initial work on projects
– Brief presentation of project concepts
Day 2: 1 December 2022, 10:00-15:00Continued hands-on group activities (in groups at tables or in virtual rooms)
– Continuation of work on projects
– Preparation of brief presentations
Discussion and conclusions (hybrid)
– Presentation and discussion of projects
– Discussion on open-source software in open science
– Conclusions
– Wrap-up