Implementing FAIR in practice by service providers

During this year’s virtual Open Science FAIR, on September 21st there will be a particularly interesting topic, which we would like to draw your attention to.

From 9:30 the main focus of the event will be the demands regarding FAIR data management, from the service providers point of view.

The session that is organized by the NI4OS-Europe and the FAIRsFAIR project will take it into detail how the service providers can respond to demands regarding FAIR, according to the type of service that they operate. During the session the FAIR Semantics will also be discussed which is necessary to understand the types of requirements and activities recommended by the FAIRsFAIR project for enabling I3 of the FAIR principles.

EOSC is meant to be the “Web of FAIR Data”, therefore semantic artefacts are quite important aspects of the principles of FAIR. A few years ago, when the FAIR principles entered the public consciousness, there had been many recommendations of implementing them not only in research data management but in science. A number of projects, such as OpenAIRE, RDA and CODATA took on the responsibility of training the actors of science, but recently Service Providers came to the fore to address the FAIRness of data. Now, it is time for implementation.

What is NI4OS-Europe’s part in this?

“NI4OS-Europe will highlight an activity to strengthen capacity of stakeholders to enable aspects of the FAIR principles which are most closely related to metadata and ontologies.”

– reads the description of the session on the official website of the conference.

Also, NI4OS-Europe aims to express FAIR practices and the importance of correct research data management in the meaning of openness in the safest way possible, using the services and tools of EOSC via the NI4OS-Europe pre-production environment.

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