Moving forward with EOSC

The Second Working Proposal for Living Indicators to Monitor MS Progresses Towards EOSC Readiness was recently published on Zenodo by the EOSC Landscaping Taskforce. This report paints a detailed picture what results the consultations reached. It discusses how the monitoring of the EOSC scenario across the EU countries should evolve, in order to provide decision makers with educated information for their decisions and ultimately help turning EOSC into a reality in the different regions. – published recently.

What is the goal?

The original goal of this activity is to define the indicators of EOSC readiness. Based on the results of the consultations among lead stakeholders, these indicators will be moving from static landscape-view to a set of living indicators.

Approximately 200 people were involved in the consultations, gathering them twice through a questionnaire. In the questionnaire there were points asking for stakeholders opinions on monitoring, publicity of indicators, certification and exhaustiveness. The EOSC readiness indicators were a crucial point in the survey. Currently the report provides a working proposal summarizing the survey results of the consultation of a set of indicators in five macro key areas:  Architecture; Organisation and Governance; Group Policies; Infrastructure; Training and Skills.

Results and moving forward

Taking a look at the results of this survey, stakeholders look at monitoring as a continuous process, but there is a long way to go in development. There were some new ideas about indicators being updated automatically, and a dashboard can be expected to be developed to monitor the living indicators.

This report is actually a living document constantly being updated based on the development of EOSC. The implementation of the living indicators will be happening accordingly.