A Memorandum of Understanding has been established between NI4OS-Europe and Skills4EOSC 

Signatures were finalised by last November regarding the MoU between NI4OS-Europe and Skills4EOSC, defining the intentions of the two projects for future collaboration.  

As NI4OS-Europe approaches its administrative end at the end of February, the future use of the materials the project created is an open question. In the past few years NI4OS-Europe produced a number of training materials and a training platform and gathered valuable experience on FAIR aspects, and on supporting the use of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).  

The two projects decided to draft a MoU for further use of the materials created and other areas listed in the official document.

The specific areas the collaboration between NI4OS-Europe and Skills4EOSC covers are the following: 

  • Supporting and stimulating collaboration on the topics of training materials and training platform implementation and operation. 
  • Sharing of training materials and training best practices and experiences, know-how and technology. 
  • Sharing experiences on FAIR-ification of existing training materials including the technical readiness of training platforms and catalogues to offer and support machine-readable access to training information and adherence to common metadata schemas. 
  • Cooperating on the definition of a FAIR-by-design training methodology and its adoption and implementation among the trainer communities. 
  • Cooperating on the best practices for the definition and implementation of learning paths and profiles. 
  • Strengthening the quality assurance processes related to the development and delivery of learning materials and monitoring of stakeholders feedback. 
  • Stimulating and strengthening the national and regional cooperation in the field of Open Science, Open Data and EOSC training. 
  • Collaboration on mapping of competences, professional networks and open science cloud communities. 
  • Cooperation on dissemination and communication actions. 

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