A Glimpse into the Future of EOSC

The Future of EOSC webinar organized by NI4OS-Europe with the support of EOSC Future was held on June 9th 2022 where over 100 participants had the opportunity to learn more about the possibilities for using EOSC services and on-boarding additional services to the EOSC.

Updates and planned activities were discussed from the point of view of end-users and service providers. Sara Garavelli, representing the EOSC Future project, talked about the future plans for the EOSC portal, the EOSC Early Adopter Program, Future Users Group, and upcoming RDA Open Calls. The newly developed EOSC Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda and the Multi-Annual Roadmap was also presented together with the planned activities within the EOSC Task Forces. In addition to the participants from the NI4OS-Europe SEE region, many participants from North Africa also partook in the event eager to learn more about EOSC.