Community support discussions: FAIR implementation for NI4OS-Europe service providers

EOSC raises to become the “Web of FAIR data” calling data services to support responsible and effective Research Data Management (RDM) by enabling FAIR data workflows, behaviours and outputs through their systems. That practically means allocation of roles and responsibilities, adoption of principles/policies, and technical integrations and enhancements, such as adaptation to global standards.

On Friday 29th April at 12.00 CET, NI4OS-Europe engages in tailored discussions with service providers to answer their FAIR related questions and support their needs with respect to metadata, ontologies and semantics. In this 3hour interactive workshop, service providers will have the exceptional opportunity to learn about best practices from the experts of the NI4OS-Europe semantics experts group and the OntoCommons projects as well as present their services and get customised support.


Part A – Presentation of Best Practices
12.00-12.10WelcomeOgnjen Prnjat, GRNET
Branko Marovic, University of Belgrade
Eleni Toli, ATHENA RC
12.10-12.20Introduction to NI4OS-EuropeAndreas Athenodorou, CYI
12.20-12.30Introduction to OntoCommonsArkopaul Sarkar, ENIT
12.20-13.30Presentations on best practices
Best practices on ontologies in the manufacturing sector

Metadata and semantic tools for data interoperability: some examples from the Digital Cultural Heritage field

Heritage-BIM, ontologies and exchange schemas

Ingredio: applying FAIR in the biomedicine

Arkopaul Sarkar, ENIT

Valentina Vassalo, CYI

George Artopoulos, CYI  

Zoe Cournia, Academy of Athens
Part B – Discussion with Service Providers
14.00-14.50Lightning Talks and Demos of services
Biomedicine services

Shroedinger API & Gaussian API


CHERRY repository



Zoe Cournia, Academy of Athens

Bojana Koteska & Ljupco Pejov, , Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje

Zarko Zecevic, University of Montenegro

Milica Sevkusic, University of Belgrade

Irma Khachidze, GRENA

George Artopoulos, CYI
Vladimir Risojević, University of Banja Luka
14.50-15.50Live Q&A: service providers and experts
15.50-16.00Next Steps / Closing remarks

Presentations on best practices (15’) for metadata, ontologies, semantics
Lightning talks/demo (~7’) on data services of the NI4OS-Europe catalogue
Discussion between service providers and experts
Next Steps

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About the co-organizers

NI4OS-Europe semantics experts group

This is a group of experts in metadata, ontologies and semantics. The initiative takes part on the side of NI4OS-Europe project formal obligations in order to enhance RDM and training activities of WP4 and WP6 and align FAIR practises with other EOSC-related projects.


This is an H2020 CSA project dedicated to the standardisation of data documentation across all domains related to materials and manufacturing. OntoCommons mainly serves the industry.