The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) and Hungary 2021 – National Dissemination Event in Hungary

An online dissemination event was held on 30th June, 2021 by KIFÜ and DEENK, the two institutions involved in NI4OS-Hungary activity. The online event provided an international context, as distinguished international speakers: Dr Karel Luyben, President of the EOSC Association and Dr Andreas Athenodorou, NI4OS-Europe WP6 Leader talked about the achievements at EOSC and the experiences in the partner countries. The second part of the event focused on the results of the Hungarian project partners: KIFÜ and DEENK and the engagement possibilities in EOSC related activities of wider audiences in Hungary.

Around 60 attendees joined the conference, who were welcomed by Dr Tamás Máray, NI4OS-Hungary leader and Dr Karel Luyben. The first presentation, held by Dr Luyben, provided an insight into the strategy, mission, and future plans of EOSC. After the wider EOSC context, Dr Andreas Athenodorou presented EOSC from the view of partner countries and working groups.

János Mohácsi, Hungarian delegate to the EOSC Association, outlined the contribution of Hungary to EOSC activities, and gave a wider perspective regarding the situation of Open Science in Hungary. The first part of the conference was ended with the presentation of Dr Tamás Máray talking about the efforts and results of NI4OS activities in Hungary.

The second part started by Judit Fazekas-Paragh, head of education and research support at DEENK. She summarized the role of DEENK in helping to form the new Open Science paradigm among researchers, and also talked about what services and help would be needed by researchers to embrace the new way of science.

Dr Gábor Palkó, head of National Laboratory for Digital Heritage talked about the importance of research data management from the perspective of arts & humanities. The need for  data stewards is e clear for researchers, and the laboratory is intended to launch the very first data steward degree course in Hungary in 2022.

Szabolcs Hoczopán, head of e-services at the University of Szeged Klebelsberg Library, and Tamás Molnár e-librarian introduced the EOSC Champion programme launched in 2021. The programme gave the possibility to approach researchers in a more personal way by Open Science Champions, who are colleagues at the very same university or institution as the researchers.

At the end of the conference János Mohácsi gave an overview on how people could be actively involved in EOSC and Open Science activities, how to form partnership among OS-related institutions and services, and talked about the events of the newly launched Hungarian Open Science Forum.

After the presentations, a vivid discussion formed focusing on EOSC services, OS dissemination possibilities, data management and data stewardship issues, and how Hungary could more actively take part in Open Science activities.

Presentations of the conference are available here.