Building Consistency for Open Science in Europe: Rhetoric and Practice

19-20 April, 2021 | 12: 00-16.00CET

An online international workshop organised by UEFISCDI, host of the Romanian Open Science Knowledge Hub and the Romanian Programme Operator for the Research Programme under EEA and Norway Grants, with the support of Scientific Knowledge Services.

UEFISCDI – the host of the Romanian Open Science Knowledge Hub and the Romanian Operator Program for the Research Program under the EEA and Norway Grants – organizes the online international workshop ” Building Consistency for Open Science in Europe – rhetorics and practices “.
The event is organized with the support of Scientific Knowledge Services.

The discussions are addressed to the research and innovation communities from the beneficiary countries of EEA and Norway Grants and other further interested communities and organizations around Europe.

The workshop will take place on 19-20 April and will tackle the challenges associated with making open science a reality: how research is undertaken, how the outputs are stored and disseminated, how researchers collaborate, how success is measured and how researchers are rewarded for Open Science approaches. A special focus will be given to the challenges and practices of embedding open access to the research results as it is mandated by the EEA and Norway Financial Mechanism.

With a research culture that had to prove its principles during pandemic times, new funding cycles and an increasing number of Open Science national roadmaps, there is a need to bind the rhetoric and practice of this new way of doing research.

This event is organized to host deep conversation and interaction for topics like:

  • Open Science at a Glance: its current state at various European countries
  • Current practices for making Open Access effective strategies
  • Open Science, Research Assessment and Career Development.
  • Supporting Open Science: the role of academic institutions and the role of other research organizations
  • How do we differentiate regionally and nationally?
  • What Open Science means for public-private partnerships?
  • How Open Science and Competitiveness go together?
  • Citizen Science – an essential part of Open Science in Europe

The expected audience consists of researchers, funders, research administrators, knowledge transfer officers and research libraries (other professionals being welcome).

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