Introducing Open Research Europe – the new publishing platform

We are pleased to inform you that the European Commission is preparing the launch of a scientific publishing service, the Open Research Europe. The official launching of the platform will take place in early 2021, but the submissions have already started.

Aims and scope 

This open access publishing platform enables all Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe beneficiaries and their researchers a publishing venue to share their results and insights rapidly and facilitate open, constructive research discussion.

Submissions are welcomed from the following subject areas

  • Natural Sciences
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Medical and Health Sciences
  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Social Sciences 
  • Humanities and the Arts

stemming from Horizon 2020 funding. 

All articles are published using a fully transparent, author-driven model. Peer review is by invitation only and the names of the reviewers will be open. Each publication must have at least one author who has been, or still is, a recipient of a Horizon 2020 grant.

Publishing Process for Articles

Also important to mention, that the new publishing platform is powered by F1000 Research, therefore it is no surprise that we can see some familiar charachteristics on the new site.

Please visit the official website to get detailed information about this brand new possibility.

“Open Research Europe is a great step forward for EU R&I programme beneficiaries and research communities from all scientific, social science and humanities fields. The new publishing platform will enable them to fully embrace Open Science meeting their publishing needs and openly share, use and find linked publications and data.”

Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner, European Commission