User Communities test-cases

One of the strategic objectives of NI4OS-Europe is to provide technical and policy support for the on-boarding of service providers into EOSC, including generic services -compute, data storage, data management-, thematic services, repositories and data sets. Populating the EOSC service catalogue with services originating from the NI4OS-Europe region, enhances the work of scientists -working in any scientific field of research, for producing and curating scientific results within the platform of the EOSC. Once the services are on-boarded, well-designed testing via use cases is necessary to be performed.

NI4OS-Europe report “User communities’ test-cases” provides the details of the construction and design of use-cases, which are set up in order to perform a first test on a number of selected services, which will be on-boarded to the EOSC. These services include thematic, generic as well as repository services. It describes the actions that will be taken by the stakeholders as well as the scientific leaders from three disciplines -the Digital Cultural Heritage, Life Science, and Climate Science, to test how NI4OS-Europe on-boarded services work and what the possible recommendations are.
Applying use cases enables NI4OS-Europe consortium to test the services on-boarding as well as their fine tuning.


NI4OS-Europe Deliverable 6.3 “User communities test-cases”