Building National Capacity for Open Science in Europe

On the path to the realization of the European Open Science Cloud that will enhance Open Science (OS) and Open Innovation in Europe and beyond, ensuring OS readiness at national level is vital. Achieving the inclusion of countries and Associate member states into the EOSC requires developing national capacity, innovation and skills via a series of well-coordinated capacity building activities at national level.

NI4OS-Europe, key building block of the EOSC, contributes via a number of Capacity building events, addressing active and prospective Open Science stakeholders with the aim to encourage national cooperation and to support national Open Science initiatives in the region, as well as to provide guidance and to engage user communities to the EOSC and FAIR principles.

The events are part of NI4OS-Europe capacity building activities that include:

  • training on service management, federation, interoperability, FAIR principles, legal aspects of Open Research Data Management (ORDM)
  • provision of consultancy and guidance to researchers and other communities so as to boost the uptake of EOSC guidelines and FAIR principles
  • constant updating on the state-of-the art services offered via EOSC and guidance on FAIR and Open Science practices
  • Informing about the advantages of service provisioning within EOSC
  • Enhancing Policy support at national level for the setting up of national OSC
  • Update yourself by following the presentations uploaded in the NI4OS-Europe events section.