NI4OS-Europe Training material on EOSC and FAIR principles

What is the concept, the Governance Structure and the future of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC)? How can various stakeholders benefit? What is FAIR Data, and how can they be managed so that they are Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable?

NI4OS-Europe training material provides the answers and other information, summarized in two brochures that provide the background, the structure and guidance regarding EOSC and FAIR. The material is available on the project training platform and website, in all mother languages of the NI4OS-Europe area.
The creation of the material is part of NI4OS-Europe training and user engagement activities addressing various stakeholders, in order to promote EOSC and FAIR principles and to facilitate the uptake of research data sharing across national research communities.

European Open Science Cloud – EOSC

  • The European Open Science Cloud – EOSC
  • About EOSC
  • Governance Structure
  • The future of EOSC
  • Glossary

Everything you need to know about FAIR Data

  • What is FAIR Data?
  • How to make your data FAIR
  • Why make your Data FAIR?
  • EOSC and FAIR
  • How FAIR are your data?