Slovenian virtual conference Research Data and the European Open Science Cloud

On 18 June 2020, NI4OS-Europe partner University of Maribor Library joined forces with the Slovenian RDA Node conference Research Data and the European Open Science Cloud. EOSC promoter Dunja Legat (UMUKM) gave a presentation on digital skills for the European Open Science Cloud, presented the NI4OS-Europe training methodology, and moderated the EOSC session and the round table discussion with Slovenian delegates of the European Open Science Cloud:

  • dr. Jan Jona Javoršek, EOSC Governance Board
  • mag. Dunja Legat, EOSC Skills and Training Working Group
  • assist. prof. dr. Milan Ojsteršek, EOSC FAIR Working Group
  • dr. Ana Slavec, EOSC FAIR Working Group
  • mag. Miro Pušnik, EOSC Rules of Participation Working Group
  • Peter Sterle, EOSC Governance Board

The conference was held online, with participants from the Slovenian Open Science community and the interested public.

Main topics of the conference were:

  • Slovenian RDA Node’s activities and focal points during the inaugural year,
  • project for data policies in Slovenian scientific publishing,
  • examples of good practice in data management in the Slovenian research community,
  • European Open Science Cloud for researchers,
  • strategies for development and support of open science in Slovenia,
  • skills and training for researchers and support services in scientific research,
  • future of the Slovenian open science community.

The recordings are available on YouTube and zenodo, and the presentations and collaborative notes are available here.