EOSC-hub week 2020: Online workshop on Policy landscape across Europe

The state and progress of the national Open Science policies and the actions that need to take place for ensuring minimal viable EOSC was the main topic of discussions during the ‘Policy landscape across Europe’ online workshop that was held on May 20th, 2020, at the EOSC-hub week. The event was co-organized by NI4OS-Europe, EOSC-hub, EOSC-Pillar, EOSC-Nordic, and EOSC Synergy projects.

Participants gained insights on the role of EOSC regional projects as well as on the status of Open Science policies landscape across Europe and joined the discussions to identify support actions so as to ensure that national policies are in line with the development of EOSC.


National Policy Developments Supporting EOSC Implementation
Presentations and recordings