NI4OS-Europe Open Science survey results now available online

How familiar are you with EOSC and the concept of FAIR? What particular areas of training, support or advice, researchers and support staff need in relation to making data FAIR? These are some of the questions that we asked stakeholders in South East Europe with the aim to capture and understand the EOSC awareness and the state of Open Science in the region.

The visualized outcomes of the survey have been made available online, offering insights on the awareness of the EOSC and the FAIR principles, as well as expectations from EOSC at national level.

The graphs complement the Open Science stakeholder map, offering a holistic view on the status of Open Science in the region, contributing together with the other INFRAEOSC-5b projects to the final mapping in the overall EOSC Landscape Activity.

The collected dataset, which includes information about 1010 stakeholders (968 unique entities), is deposited in Zenodo under a free license: