ORDM – Train the trainers event, 5-6 May

This event is part of the successful series of NI4OS-Europe Train-the-Trainer events  which have the aim of providing NI4OS-Europe partners with the necessary training skills and means to diffuse in their countries information and knowledge related to various aspects of EOSC and Open Science.

The ORDM event focuses on the research lifecycle to spread awareness to:

the needs and best practices characterising all stakeholder groups involved in the research lifecycle

the technical side of ORDM

discipline specific paradigms of ORDM, in particular for Digital Humanities.

Day 1: ORDM as a driver

  • ORDM Basics: Open & FAIR in RDM, how to deliver an ORDM training event, topics to focus on, target groups and approaches
  • Technical aspects of ORDM: PIDs, tools and best practices

Day 2: Disciplinary ORDM by example

  • Discipline-specific ORDM: The case of Digital Humanities

Moreover, Day 1 will cover ORDM specifics from the perspective of trainers getting a better understanding of the key points relevant to each and all stakeholders in the open science ecosystem so as to more effectively engage with them and support their activities. While Day 2 will provide the Digital Humanities context, thus complementing the presentations and discussions of Day 1. 

Among the questions that will be answered are what are the differences and commonalities between FAIR and Open principles, which are the best practices for each step of ORDM and for performing ORDM engagement activities, what do stakeholders need with respect to ORDM, how technical providers can enhance their current ecosystem with research data services focusing on PIDs and how ORDM translates to the scientific field of Digital Humanities.