Gaining insights on EOSC via NI4OS-Europe “train the trainers” second webinar

Forty-four participants from the NI4OS-Europe partnership attended the project second webinar of the “train the trainers” webinars series, which was successfully completed today, covering a total of six-hour training, in two days.

The participants attended three enlightening presentations on EOSC structure, governance, services and infrastructures, as well as on legal issues and policies, in order to contribute as EOSC Ambassadors to the materialization of the EOSC vision, engaging further national stakeholders and ecosystems.

On the 16th of March an extensive presentation on EOSC was provided by Dr Emma Lazzeri. The participants gained insights on the background and goals of EOSC, its strategy, synergies and collaborations, as well as ways of contribution through the groups and forums that have been set up. The implementation stage / current status of EOSC and useful information about what material can be used to the promotion of EOSC were also presented.

Dr Dušan Vudragović, presented all the necessary information that EOSC Promoters’ should know about the NI4OS-Europe infrastructures and services that will be onboarded to EOSC federation. He analysed the current situation, the onboarding steps and the levels of integration of services to EOSC.

On the second day Dr Prodromos Tsiavos, provided in a two-hour extensive analysis in the best possible way all the issues that the EOSC Ambassadors should be aware of, regarding legal aspects, policies, strategies, Directives and how these issues should be approached by the promoters to their national level policymakers’ discussions.

As stakeholders engagement is essential for the implementation of the EOSC vision, NI4OS-Europe will continue providing all the necessary tools and training, with great enthusiasm, delivering knowledge to all interested parties of the project network that will be active in promoting EOSC.