NI4OS-Europe representation in the activities for enhancing Open Science in Serbia

TONuS first meeting was held on 16 January 2020.

NI4OS-Europe is represented in the recently established Team for Open Science in Serbia – TONuS that will work towards the implementation of Open Science principles in the country. TONuS builds on the results of recent activities in the area of Open Science, such as successful APC discount negotiations, as well as the growing number of institutional OS policies and repositories. Its activities will be focused on a number of already identified areas of action, like OS-related education and training at all levels, open data, incentives for FAIR data practices, support to local Open Access publishing, transformative agreements with publishers, the inclusion of local initiatives and services in the EOSC, etc., seeking to devise measures and regulations that would ensure the implementation of OS principles in the local research community.

Along with the Secretary of State and all Assistant Ministers responsible for Science, the team consists of a diversified group of experts who have already demonstrated readiness to foster Open Science (OS) either through their individual pursuits, activities of their organizations, or involvement, as local coordinators, in international initiatives, such as OpenAIRE, CESSDA, EIFL, UNDP, etc. The participation of all NI4OS-Europe partners from Serbia in TONuS activities provides further support to the project goals.

TONuS is an initiative of the Serbian Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, following the adoption of the Open Science Platform (2018) and the Law on Science and Research (2019).

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