NI4OS Europe will:

  • Build national Open Science Cloud (OSC) initiatives for open research data, infrastructure and services and enable them to support the overall EOSC governance and coordination structure.
  • Facilitate the federation of existing infrastructures and state-of-the-art services and their smooth on-boarding to EOSC.
  • Enable the EOSC-relevant, non-commercial infrastructures, repositories and thematic services to be accessed through the EOSC portal.
  • Provide the necessary technical, organizational and legal guidelines, tools, mechanisms and certification schemes, to support Open Research Data Management (ORDM) and its implementation in a harmonized and coordinated fashion.
  • Ensure the engagement of its communities.


NI4OS Europe addresses nine areas of interest to respond to different stakeholders’ needs, interests and concerns: Research, Education / Educational Training, Policies & Recommendations, Capacity Building / Skills, Environment Setting Standards, Social Science Education, General science education, Commercial/Investment

The project communities involve:

  • Programme funders
  • Service providers, eInfrastructure experts and repository managers
  • Local, national and EU policy makers and national governments
  • Academia & trainers, research communities, Libraries, Open Science advocates
  • Industry and SMEs,
  • Society at large

Why NI4OS Europe: improving business competitiveness, enabling innovation in Science

  • Empowering the regional scientific and research community: NI4OS Europe will enable collaborative and innovative research of high excellence via the interconnection of the scientific and research community to the EOSC landscape.
  • Supporting the regional ICT sector, preventing brain drain: from IT staff to software providers and hardware vendors, a number of actors in the region will be involved in the on-boarding of EOSC-relevant services from the area, to the wider EOSC landscape. Thus, NI4OS Europe will contribute to retention of both ICT professionals and scientists in the area and in Europe, providing them with equal opportunities.
  • Enhancing smart growth in Europe: the project brings together IT and service experts, scientists from a range of different fields, and ICT strategists, academicians and policy-makers in a common endeavor. The various actors and stakeholders will develop their skills through being engaged in the development, deployment, and use of a wide range of Cloud services. Benefiting from a wide spectrum of the society in terms of these diverse players in NI4OS-Europe and EOSC, and having these members of society involved in this common endeavor, is a prerequisite for smart growth.