EOSC Promoters

Director General & Chairman of Governance Board at RASH – Academic Network of Albania

Project Manager / Migration & Education Expert / Leadership Trainer

Open Science Policy

Currently there is no OA/OS policy and there are not any institutional OA/OS policies widely used yet but according to the “The Open Government Partnership Third Open Government National Action Plan for Albania 2016-2018“, the Albanian government will be committed to maximize access to research information resulting from public and private funds. Thus, the development, adoption and promotion of Open Science standards are in the Albanian agenda.

A National OS/OSC initiative does not exist yet. Albania is making progress towards OS policy and OSC by requiring an approved Open Access Policy Regulation document when submitting applications to receive research grants from public funds. They are creating e-infrastructure trying to move towards OSC like the “Database for Archiving and Publication of Research Funds and Programs in Albania (AL0049)”30, “Opendata.tirana.al” the first open data portal in Albania and the RASH e-infrastructure is interconnected with GÉANT Network. Albanian response to NI4OS-Europe survey31 indicated a little familiarity with EOSC and minimum familiarity with FAIR.

A discussion has recently been initiated with the Ministry of Education (vice Minister for HE), assessing the possibility for an OS framework in Albania. This initial discussion was between the Ministry of Education and RASH, but part of the proposed working group will also be experts from NASRI32 and universities.

NOSCI Information

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EOSC Collaboration

The organisations responded to NI4OS-Europe survey showed interest in contributing to EOSC. Current picture of EOSC collaboration includes:

  • GB delegate: Geron Kamberi from Ministry of Education & Sport
  • Mandated organisation: No, but RASH34 will apply to be the mandate
  • Participation in EOSC pillars: OpenAIRE: Arjan Xhelaj from RASH (NOAD), NGI:
    – RDA: -, GEANT: Arjan Xhelaj and Andi Malaj both from RASH

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